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The Unquillo - Mendiolaza Water, Works and Public Services Cooperative was created in 1984 to provide essential services to communities through a cooperative spirit and a .coop domain name! See the website here: @CoopUnquillo @icacoop @Cooperator1 #coops

@REI Being part owner in one of the largest, most influential #coop businesses in the US! Would be even better if @rei used the @dotCoop domain and joined up with @NCBACLUSA in growing the co-op movement!

We are pleased to share with you a teaser video on interesting stories of
Coproriz-NTENDE in #Rwanda.

Thanks to @Aroundcoop team, the Coproriz-NTENDE cooperative and the(NCCR) for your support.

Kindly watch and share among your networks. #coops4dev🌍

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