.coop Media Ambassadors

Get a buzz from social media? Passionate about spreading the coop message?
Then the .coop Media Ambassador Programme needs you!

What’s the .coop Media Ambassador Programme?

The .coop Media Ambassadors are The dot that says a lot’s social media-savvy crew who inform and unite people in the coop world around cooperative events like the The International Day of Co-operatives.

Last year we got the General Assembly trending #1 in the UK and Malaysia on Twitter.

And this year the International Co-operative Alliance and .coop plan to make an even bigger buzz around #coopsday!

Joining the co-op dots



As #coopsday approaches and The dot that says a lot begins to tweet and post, we’re calling on our Media Ambassadors to do their social media thing; Follow the dot and get the word out – post, re-tweet, share, like, repost and comment.

And if Facebook is your thing, get the message out there too.

Then, once the event is in full swing, link up with other Media Ambassadors and make a noise together.

Sounds great. How do I become a .coop Media Ambassador?

Just get in touch and we’ll sign you up;

And you can also signup right here too!

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll keep you posted on developments in the Media Ambassadors Programme as we head towards #coopsday.

We’re also doing a webinar two weeks before the event to answer questions.

Sign up today and help The dot that says a lot get the co-operative message out around the world. We’re looking forward to having you on the team.

Yours in co-operation

The dot that says a lot