There are a number of policies that govern the use of a .coop domain.

Verification Policy
Provides a description of the process used by dotCoop for the verification of eligibility of .coop registrants and related dispute mechanisms.
Last updated : 6/29/2015
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Bulk Registration Offer Policy
Addresses special pricing for bulk registrations of .coop domains
Last updated : 4/15/2008
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Dispute policy
Provides the process for handling disputes over the registration of .coop domains based on trademark, eligibility and other issues
Last updated : 8/20/2007
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Domain Name Category Policy
Addresses reservation of certain categories of .coop domain names.
Last updated : 4/15/2008
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Privacy Policy
Provides information on how dotCoop controls access to your registration information and provides information to you.
Last updated : 3/28/2012
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Third-Level Domain Policy
The policy that describes how 3rd Level Domains can be managed by agreement within the .coop gTLD.
Last updated : 2/11/2011
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Application Process for One-Two Character Domain Names
Includes the process and form that need to be submitted to dotCoop to request a one or two character domain name if it is available.
Last updated : 1/19/2010
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